The program aims to produce media graduates with integrated journalistic skills and creatively-minded mass and educational media in keeping with changes in media technology. The aim is for graduates to have professional ethics and a sense of social responsibility.

Our History

The Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Thammasat University is the first higher educational institution in Thailand that offered a bachelor degree in journalism more than fifty years ago. Our aim is to educate and train students professionally as well as conduct research in journalism and mass communication. We offer courses in newspaper and print media, radio and television, film, advertising, public relations, and mass communication management. We develop students in critical thinking and ability to evaluate and make decision for the best of our society.

“The department of Journalism” was first established and attached to the Faculty of Social Administration in 1954. It was then separated as an “Independent Department of Journalism and Mass Communication” in 1970 and promoted to be “The Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication” in 1979.

For over half of the century, the faculty has been developing and producing high quality students with both theoretical and practical skills. Beginning in 1982, the first master program in mass communication was offered. By the year 2000, two more master programs were added to the Faculty's curriculum. In 1999, the Faculty welcomed its first group of Ph.D. students, and in2006 the Faculty had reached another milestone by commencing the English program in Journalism (Mass Media Studies). All of these programs were developed under one goal, that is to produce the best qualified graduates with a high sense of morality and social responsibility for our country.

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