Impressive Words

Voice from B.J.M. Students Who were Abroad

"The amazing experience of being an Exchange Student"

B.J.M. Program offers our students a great opportunity to become a participant of an
Exchange program for a semester at one of the universities partners. Last year
Miss Manita  Tantipimolphan, fourth-year B.J.M. student took part in the Exchange
Program at University of Nagasaki, Japan and share her experience with us.


Q: Tell me a little about yourself.

A: Hi! My name is Manita, 4th grader studying in B.J.M program. I have
stayed and studied in Nagasaki, Japan for one semester as an exchange student.


Q: Why did you decide to take part in the exchange program?

A: An idea about going abroad popped up when I had a chance to become
friend with some inbound exchange students who come from Nagasaki.
I hung out with them and helped each other in class when they were here
in Thammasat University. Then, I thought that it could be much more fun
if I go to their university and continue the friendship.


Q: What attracted you the most in Japan?

A: People, festivals and Yukata date


Q: How has the language difference been for you?

A: Language was a huge barrier for me once I arrived Japan for first month.
Even though I studied Japanese a little before arrival, I considered my
Japanese language skill at level 0.  Later on, this barrier disappeared as
the university provided exchange students 3 Japanese classes per week
and there were a lot of opportunities to practice communicating in Japanese
language such as talking with Japanese friends and staffs, joining club activities,
associating with local people near the shared house and hanging out in the city
to meet some new faces.


Q: What was the most challenging thing for you during your time there?

A: To be able to communicate in Japanese language within 4 months


Q: What was the thing that amazed you the most during your exchange program?

A: There are a lot of foreigners in Nagasaki. This makes Nagasaki a foreigner friendly city.

Manita and  other foreign students at student shared house


Q: What is the thing you are going to miss the most about Japan?

A: Friends I made in Nagasaki.


Q: What would you recommend to those who plan to join exchange program?

A: One semester in Nagasaki is considered as the best moment of my university
life. It was just 4 months and 2 weeks that I made a lot of friends and improved
myself to be a better version of me. Smiles, laugh, friendship, love, tear and joy
happened in very short period of life but it will be a long lasting good memory in
a lifetime. As I fell in love with this city and had a memorable experience,
I believe anyone who goes to Nagasaki will feel the same as me.



"Be Global Citizen"

“…Eleven months was a big life experience…I was impressed with everything I had done and had gained no matter how good or bad it was. After all, they were all the experiences that I couldn’t have somewhere else…I had learnt to be a global citizen and learnt about differences of people from different parts of the world…”

Jeeranunt Manomaiphan, Nanzan University, Japan

"All of us were friends"

“…The most difficult thing for me was different accents from different countries. It was really hard for me at the beginning…Otherwise, people at this woman college were friendly and were easily to talk…,hence all of us were friends.”

Hassaya Isariyasereekul, Agnes Scott College, Georgia, USA

"Strong effort in communicating"

“…I had a chance to be a Thai representative during the Visakabhucha Day. This occasion has left me with a good impression since I have been greeted in Thai by numbers of Korean people showing strong effort in communicating with me.”

Pimchanok Wariratanaroj, Yonsei Universiy

List of university

  • University of Chester
  • University of Education, Ludwigsburg
  • Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane
  • Thompson River University
  • Indonesia Institutes of the arts denpasar
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