Special Activities: B.J.M. First Meet

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The B.J.M. First Meet is a one-day activity typically held by the sophomore students for the freshmen,

which has, over time, become a great bonding tradition for students in the Faculty.


To hype up the atmosphere, sophomores come up with the icebreaking activities with the objective of
acquainting the freshmen with each other before the academic year starts.


Through this event, the freshmen and sophomores will get to meet and talk to some
of their senior as well. 

For this upcoming academic year 2018, we are eager to welcome our freshmen#13 
and look forward to see you learn and grow in our B.J.M. community.

From “B.J.M. Connect” Published in celebration of the B.J.M. Program 10th Anniversary

-unofficial release-