King Bhumibol Scholarship: A Legacy that lives on through education

    Thursday, 10 May 2018

    The Bhumibol Honorary Pin, at present, is awarded to the student with the highest Grade Point
    Average of a specific academic year. The B.J.M. Program is honored to be one of the university
    programs in Thailand that currently receives one pin each year. Three B.J.M. alumni remember
    therie individual moments well, and have used His Majesty's words as a guiding light for their
    own perspective career paths.

    Jeeranut Manomaiphan (Hui) B.J.M.#1

    As a former studnet who has received the Bhumibol Honorary Pin for academic excellence, Hui
    is no stranger putting effort into what she does. She currently owns a jewelry business, and cites
    freedom as her ultimate driving passion in her career. Reflecting on the moment she received the
    pin, she said, "To receive the pin was such an honor. Everyone in my family was so happy.
    It felt like all the hard work and effort throughout four years had paid off. The pin serves as a
    reminder for me to keep doing my best in every task, and to continue believing that where
    there is a will, there is a way."


    Kristoffer Svensson (Kris) B.J.M.#3

    Kris is currently working as an Assistant Fashion Editor at Elle Men Magazine. He remembers the
    day he received his Honorary Pin, "It was one of the most amazing and emotional moments of
    my life." he recalled. "We (other honorary students) had to go into a hall with the Master's and
    Ph.D. students, and received the medal in front of H.M. the King's Image."

    Kris draws inspiration from H.M. the King in many aspects, namely how He was an admirer of
    the arts. "For me, He exceeded in every field He worked on. It is about pushing yourself in your
    craft and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be," Kris explained.


    Papatsorn Pisutpunya (Ploy) B.J.M.#4

    Ploy works as the Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Manager
    at ASEAN. Her exciting yet challenging occopation involves analyzing the nature of communication
    that goes on in different countries in ASEAN. With such a diverse melting pot of cultures, she aims
    to make communication among the association as efficient as possible.

    Speaking on her pin, Ploy recalled how much it meant to her. "It was such a proud and humbling
    moment on my part to have received the pin," she said. "It serves as motivation for me to keep
    following my path, and remind me that as long as you try your best, you will never fail."

    Ploy also keeps one of H.M.'s sayings to close to her heart. "It's His saying, 'Only fill a glass of
    water half full; you will learn to always seek for more knowledge.' " She explained that these
    words have reminded her to stay flexible in her career path. "If you keep resisting change and
    adaptation, you won't get far in life. You must always be ready to learn," she said.

    From "B.J.M. connect", publish in celebration of the B.J.M. Program 10th Anniversary


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