Interview with exchange student: "It is a good choice for me to come here"

    Monday, 25 November 2019

    We have several exchange students at B.J.M this semester. They come from
    all over the world to get first-hand experience in Thailand’s university.
    We got the opportunity to sit down and talk to one of our own exchange students.
    Here’s what she’s sharing with us: 

    Welcome! Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

    My name is Nono from Tokyo, Japan. I’m 20 years old and will turn to 21 next month.

    Why did you decide to come here?

    I likes the atmosphere, people and especially South East Asia. Furthermore,
    Thammasat signed the MOU with my university. I’m interested in journalist.
    In my home university, my major is social science so it is really related to B.J.M.

    What are some differences that you notice between your home university and
    Thammasat university?

    My university located in Tokyo, small area, approximately about 4000 students
    in school, only has library and small canteens compared to Thammasat University,
    I’m really surprised because there are lots of international students and lot of faculties.

    What are some things that you like about Thailand?

    I loves Thai’s kindness!!

    And what about the dislike part?

    I don’t like Thai traffic. I’m doing internship at Bangkok now and using mini
    bus. Because of traffic jam it took me more than half of hour just to reach there. 

    How has the language difference been for you?

    It is very hard for me. I cannot speak Thai and my English is not really good at all.
    It is hard to adapt with it but now everything is better than before. I knows
    some basic of Thai and enjoy a lit bit conversation with Thai. I can have some
    conversation with taxi driver now.


    How important was this opportunity for you to study abroad?

    It is very important for me. It is a good choice for me to come here because I
    could experience in difference culture from Japan. I’m surprised a lot at first.
    Thai culture is a bit difference from my culture but now I’m more likely to adapt with it.

    Is there anything unique about Thammasat?

    Environment and bus. Thammasat also accepted students to wear free style.
    In my country, they need to wear the same uniform.

    Did you meet other exchange students?

    Yes. Plenty of them are from Japan. One of them from Taiwan but he is Thai.
    Sometime I go for dinner with them.


    Finally, do you have any advice to students who are planning to study abroad?

    Stay positive and active more is very important.
    I would recommend all students to ask for someone’s advice because
    it is very important.


    -unofficial release-