Sascha Horst Funk

Position : Head of Media Studies Program

E-mail: sascha-f@tu.ac.th

Education: Master’s in Business Information Systems / Digital Marketing, UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES WüRZBURG


  • All Things Digital
  • New Media Studies
  • Digital Marketing / Transformation
  • Communication Studies
  • Sociology

Teaching Courses:

  • New Media Studies
  • Media and Social Diversity
  • Creativity and Communication
  • Writing for Broadcasting and Digital Media
  • Digital Strategy
  • Convergent Journalism

List of Research Paper: 

“- Development of dynamic ranking determination procedures via Data Mining

– New Media & Education – How to leverage education via New Media

– Online censorship in Southeast Asia

– Local Eco-Systems and sustainable development of start-ups

– Slacktivism vs. Activism. Can a ‘like’ help those in need?

– How Minorities Use Social Media to Build Communities and Fuel Social


– “Media for everyone”? – How minorities are trying to find their voice in the media

– New Decade, New Media, New Paradigms – storytelling disrupted

– The Impact Of New Media Paradigms On Digital Activism And The Battle Of #FakeNews – How fake news influence daily lives and political decision making (among minorities / focus groups).”