B.J.M. program is designed to nurture young talents whose passion is to equip themselves with the essential knowledge and skills in journalism, media and communication, while leveraging their potentials to the fullest for future career. Our team of international and Thai faculty members, combined with guest lecturers from leading media and communication organizations, make up our high quality team of instructors who will prepare our students to be next generation leaders of national and international media and communication industry.


The Bachelor of Arts Program in Journalism (Media Studies) is an International Program within Thammasat’s University, Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. Our aims have always been to produce graduates with a well-rounded education in journalism and media studies that is up to date with the rapid technological changes found in this field. The program is full time. Students must spend at least 7 normal semesters taking courses with a maximum of 14 normal semesters.

Careers Prospects

English Program in Journalism is a preparation for life and the world of work.
We’ll support you throughout your course.

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Reporter Writer Critic Analyst
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Media Producer
Media Producer, Media Entrepreneur
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Editor, News Editor
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PR, Media Planner
PR, Media Planner
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Private sector
Private sector, NGOs and international organizations


Next Admission Round: November 2023