Foreign Students

!! UPDATE !!

Inter Portfolio 1 is now open – Dec 29, 2023

CLICK to read the Admission Announcement 2024


Application Process

  1. Read the admission announcement carefully to ensure that you do not miss out anything. CLICK
  2. Check that you meet the program requirements according to the announcement. If there are any mistake from the applicants or the applicant’s qualifications does not meet the requirements, the applicants will be disqualified. Please note that the program reserved the rights not to refund the fees in any case
  3. Pay the 1,000 Baht application fee during Nov 1 - Dec 29, 2023. Bank details are as followed:
    • Siam Commercial Bank
    • Account Name: SUEMOUNCHONSUKSA
    • Account Number: 114-2-19258-1
  4. Scan all required documents into A SINGLE PDF file.
    Save file and name as your "Name-Surname" in English.
    The scanned documents must be in color and include the front and back side of any document that has stamps, seals, or writing on the back.  The documents must be clear, easily seen and read, and no parts of the document are cut off.
    The file must not exceed 5.0 MB.  The required documents including:

    • Portfolio and Statement of Purpose
    • A copy of identification card for Thai applicants or a copy of your passport for foreign applicants (with your signature)
    • A copy of high school certificate or equivalency certificate (with your signature)


A copy of letter confirming your student status issued within 3 months (for applicants currently studying in M.6 or Grade 12 only)

    • A copy of high school transcript (with your signature)
    • A copy of an English Proficiency Test (with your signature)
    • Proof of your payment (with your signature)
  1. Fill in an application form through our website, upload the required documents in No. 4. and submit the form online.
  2. Once we received your application and documents, we will reply you back via email within 5 working days.