Q & A

Current Students

Q: How to request for a certificate of student status and transcript?

A: Students can request for a certificate of student status and transcript online on www.reg.tu.ac.th

Q:  How many credits can I register per semester?

A: No fewer than 9 credits (3 courses) and no more than 21 credits (7 courses)

Q: How to contact the lecturers? Where can I find the lecturers’ email addresses?

A: Students can find the faculty’s lecturers on the faculty’s website: www.jc.tu.ac.th

Q: When is the course registration period? Where can I find the academic calendar?

A: Students must complete the course registration as scheduled in the academic calendar on www.bjm.jc.tu.ac.th

Q: What time does the course registration start?

A: At 09.00

Q: When do the class and exam schedules come out? Where can I find them?

A: The class and exam schedules come out at the same time. Students can find them on the program’s website

Q: What to do when I register wrong?

A: If a student register in a wrong section, the student must withdraw from the wrong course and register in the right course again.

Q: What is the section for the program’s courses?

A: The section is 640701

Q: Do we get the money back from withdrawing?

A: If you withdraw during the scheduled period, you will get half of that course’s registration fee back, e.g., if you have paid 7,500 baht for a course’s registration, you will get 3,750 baht back once you withdraw from that course.

Q: What to do if I forget to register?

A: You need to register during the add-drop period as scheduled in the academic calendar and pay for the late fee 45 baht/day counting from the first day of the add-drop period.

Q: Where/how to do the payment? What to do if I forget to pay?

A: You must complete the payment via TU GREATS App. If you forget to pay, your course registration will be canceled and you need to register again during the add-drop period.

Q: How to get the receipt and necessary documents for reimbursement?

A: You can download the receipt on TU GREATS App and necessary documents from https://drive.google.com/file/d/103qs0H2AK8PXWGLo4UlCiBThO0D52Erb/view?usp=sharing

Q: How to request military service postponement and student loan?

A: You must contact the student affairs division on http://satu.colorpack.net/index.php/th/

Q: Which courses need a minimum of grade C to pass?

A: There are 5 courses including:

  1. JM200 Introduction to Communication
  2. JM201 Mass Communication Law and Ethics
  3. JM210 Introduction to Journalism
  4. JM211 Basic News Reporting
  5. JM300 Communication Theory

Q: How many optional elective courses do I need to take?

A: You need to take at least 6 credits of or 2 optional elective courses.

Q: How to borrow equipment and request to use the studios?

A: You can borrow equipment and request to use the studios at the Technology and Audio Visual division, faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, 4th floor, Media Center

Q: What are the types of internship? How to do it?

A: Internship is divided into 2 types:

  1. Internship for experience: students can do the internship during the semester/summer break by submitting an internship request
  2. Internship for credits (register in JM490 Internship): students will intern to receive credits in the last semester before graduation (typically the second semester of the 4th year). The internship requires processes, hours, advisor, independent study submission, etc. The program will arrange an orientation to prepare the 4th year students in the first semester during November of every year

Q: Do we have exchange programs?

A: Yes, students can follow news and updates on the websites. There are 2 types of exchange programs including:

1) Exchange programs with the Office of International Affairs (University-level MOU’s). Please visit https://oia.tu.ac.th

2) Exchange programs with the faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication (faculty-level MOU’s). Please visit the faculty’s website, B.J.M.’s website, and PR channels

Q: How to transfer credits after an exchange program?

A: Students must make a study plan prior to applying for the exchange program by checking which courses you have yet to take in B.J.M. and which courses abroad have the potential to be transferred. Once you return, you must submit a request for credit transfer along with the following documents:

  1. Transcript from the institution you attended
  2. Course outline of the course(s)
  3. All study materials
  4. Study hours